Red yeast rice promotes bone formation

June 7, 2008  
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red-yeast-rice4CM NEWS – Red yeast rice, rice fermented with a special purple-red mold, has been known for its abilities to lower cholesterol and blood lipid levels. A recent study opens up the possible use of red yeast rice to stimulate bone formation, which might be good news for patients with osteoporosis. Read more

Asparagus root lowers cholesterol, nurtures heart

September 3, 2007  
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CM NEWS – Asparagus roots, or tian dong (天冬 or 天門冬) can lower cholesterol and blood lipid, thus help prevent atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, a new study says. Read more

Avoid red yeast rice products promoted as treatments for high cholesterol, FDA warns

August 13, 2007  
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Medicine News Today – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to buy or eat three red yeast rice products promoted and sold on web sites. The products may contain an unauthorized drug that could be harmful to health. The products are promoted as dietary supplements for treating high cholesterol. Read more