Thai plant can prevent breast cancer, better than soy

November 17, 2007  
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/category/womens_health/pueraria.jpgCM NEWS – A phytoestrogen-rich Thai plant is an effective preventative agent against , a new study concludes. Pueraria mirifica (ye ge, ye ge gen, 野葛根 in Chinese medicine) has the potential to “eventually be recommended as a complement to soy having the same purpose but being more effective.” Read more

Yoga, exercise help breast cancer women feel good

September 5, 2007  
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American Society of Clinical Oncology release – Two studies report that exercise and yoga can help maintain and in some cases improve quality of life in women with early-stage breast cancer. The first study found that resistance and aerobic exercise improved physical fitness, self-esteem and body composition, and that resistance exercise improved chemotherapy completion rates. The second study demonstrated that yoga was particularly beneficial for women who were not receiving chemotherapy during the study period. Read more

70% breast cancer patients use alternative medicine

July 24, 2007  
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CM NEWS – Younger women with higher anxiety level about cancer are more likely to try complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), a study says. Findings say about 70% of breast cancer patients or survivors choose CAM and the most popular CAM is herbs. Read more